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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

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Unreal II, Tournament 2003 Interview
7:51 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Gaming website Multi Player Zone recently released the results of an interview with several people involved with the current Unreal II and Unreal Tournament 2003 projects, including 3 from Infogrames and one from Epic. The interview, which is fairly extensive, covers both upcoming Unreal titles as well as other general questions and concerns regarding views and thoughts.

While not much information on the games themselves is uncovered, the questions and answers do go into various concepts and ideas. The Infogrames crew, when questioned about the lack of multiplayer in Unreal II, emphasize once again that the title is meant to be a fully amazing single-player experience. They add that they have no plans to release a multiplayer patch in the future, and point to Unreal Tournament 2003 as a logical choice for those that favor multiplayer experiences.

The team also seem excited at the possible prospect of online multiplayer gaming reaching televised status sometime in the future:

[Matt]: There are groups out there right now that are working to make multiplayer gaming a spectator sport. I think we will be seeing attempts at this in the near future. Will it be successful? This my crystal ball does not tell me.

[Richard]: Games are now at a level, both in terms of visuals and game play that they lend themselves very well to the spectator. Games like UT2003 require a level of skill that can be seen and appreciated by others – they look good, it’s exciting, ‘cameras’ can be positioned anywhere – what more could you want? There’s a lot of interest in TV land in the potential of games such as UT2003. The next few years should prove exciting.

The rest of the interview covers other random topics such as custom skin support, reduced map sizes, and the marketing strategy for both upcoming Unreal titles.

As of yet, we still have no concrete confirmation regarding a Mac port of either Unreal II or Unreal Tournament 2003, though several Mac publishing and porting houses have expressed more than a passing interest in the project. IMG will be sure to inform readers as soon as we hear any word on this one.

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