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Monday, June 17, 2002

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IMG Previews No One Lives Forever
1:13 PM | Michael Phillips | Comment on this story

In our never ending pursuit to keep Mac gamers in the know, IMG has posted a preview of MacPlay's upcoming first-person shooter, No One Lives Forever. Penned by the ever-witty Eddie Park, the preview takes a look at this game's story, sense of humor and gameplay elements.

Here is an excerpt:

NOLF fits squarely into the First Person Shooter genre, presenting players with a first-person view that includes a targeting reticule, a HUD with health and armor meters, and whatever item/weapon is currently being equipped. As NOLF's story is grounded in spy work, players can choose to either run-and-gun their levels or employ stealth and cunning to achieve their objectives, somewhat like Deus Ex.

Deus Ex, however, never featured brightly-colored jumpsuits, bad stereotypes, and a self-depreciating sense of humor.

NOLF attempts to separate itself from the typical FPS by injecting a healthy dose of humor and campiness that one normally associates with old spy movies and TV shows. When the opening credits first start rolling, gamers are besieged by jangling 60s guitar music, psychedelic colors, and Cate Archer, resplendent in a plastic-looking jumpsuit, dancing like she's auditioning for the next Austin Powers movie.

Be sure to check out the rest of the preview and stay tuned for a full review of No One Lives Forever.

IMG Preview: No One Lives Forever
No One Lives Forever
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