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Wednesday, June 5, 2002
Apple: OS X 10.1.5, eMacs for Everyone, QT6
9:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Yesterday brought a host of announcements from Apple spanning quite a product range from OS X to their formerly edu-only eMac, to a preview version of QuickTime 6. While all are very cool and great for the company, there are a few significant things that gamers might want to pay attention to as well.

OS X 10.1.5 has been released, and Apple has made quite a few very interesting changes in the update. First and foremost for many G3 owners is the addition of 2D and QuickTime acceleration support for ATI's Rage Pro chipset. This very popular hardware accelerator was used in many early Beige G3's, iMacs, iBooks, and even PowerBooks. Many petitions (and even legal threats) went out asking Apple to support it under OS X.

Early reports say the update is quite an improvement in both gaming and movie playback quality. The 10.1.5 update also brings Quartz anti-aliasing to Carbonized applications (formerly available only to native Cocoa programs), so look for new updates to your favorite Carbon apps to look even better.

Also of news in the update are new drivers for other ATI and Nvidia chipsets. One very significant fix confirmed to be in 10.1.5 is a bug which wouldn't let Beige G3 owners operate a Radeon 7000 under OS X. This startup issue has now been taken care of and the card works very well under the new OS. One potential problem remaining may be not waking from sleep, but we'll do more digging to see if that's common across other machines as well. Stay tuned for an updated review of the Radeon 7000 soon.

Other IMG readers are reporting in the forums that some games (specifically StarCraft) may be experiencing issues under OS X 10.1.5. These aren't happening to everyone, but if you're having problems with a title, a post in the OS X forum is a good place to try and find out if you're not alone. To download and install the 10.1.5 update, use the Software Update in OS X.

For the gamer on a tight budget, the new eMac being made available into retail channels is great news. This machine features a full 17" display and a 32MB GeForce 2MX, just like its more flexible flat-paneled iMac cousin. A 700MHz G4 is nothing to scoff at either. For the full specs on the machine (which starts at only $1099) have a look at Apple's site.

Apple Store eMac Section
QuickTime 6 Preview

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