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Monday, June 3, 2002
GeForce4 Ti / G4 Dual 1 GHz Combo Tested
12:57 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Since the GeForce4 Ti was first made available for the Mac, many gamers may have been wondering just how well the card performs versus the other competitors currently out in the market. Taking a no-holding-back approach to it all, the Mac speed testers at Bare Feats decided to plug a GeForce4 Ti into a G4 Dual 1 GHz machine to see just how much of a performance boost could be achieved.

Of principal interest to most readers are undoubtedly the Quake III benchmarks, which even now are used as a standard method of testing 3D speed through fps (frames per second) scores. Bare Feats tested Quake III 1.31b5 at both 1024x768 and 1280x1024 resolutions, using max settings for both.

At 1024x768, the GeForce4 Ti scored 174 fps, versus the GeForce3s 128.9 fps, the Radeon 8500s 110.5 fps, and the GeForce4 MXs 102.3 fps. At 1280x1024, the GeForce4 Ti still came out way ahead at 123.1 fps, versus the GeForce3s 83.5 fps, the 8500s 77.2 fps, and the GeForce4 MXs 70.8 fps.

One caveat that must be mentioned is that, under Mac OS X, the Open GL drivers from 10.1.3 had to be used versus the current 10.1.4 build due to driver issues:

When I first tried to run Quake3 Arena X and Unreal Tournament X under OS X.1.4, the apps crashed or quit saying no OpenGL hardware present. Turns out that the GeForce extensions installed from the OS X 10.1.3 CD are a later version that those installed by the 10.1.4 update. So I reformatted one of my drives, installed OS X.1.3 and it worked like a charm. Even then, the drivers used are GeForce2 MX and GeForce3. Apple still hasnt released GeForce4 drivers.
Bare Feats also performed a slew of other tests using popular programs such as Photoshop 7 and AppleWorks 6 as benchmarks. A comparison to gaming PCs, both Pentiums and Athlons, is also documented.

Those interested in seeing all of the results can find them at Bare Feats.

Bare Feats: GeForce 4/G4 Dual 1Ghz Tests

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Archives  News  GeForce4 Ti / G4 Dual 1 GHz Combo Tested