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Thursday, May 30, 2002

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Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Revealed
7:49 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Return to Castle Wolfenstein web site hosted by Activision recently posted a bit of news revealing the name of the planned expansion pack for the popular first-person shooter. Titled Enemy Territory, the expansion adds new characters, levels, and missions for both the single-player and multiplayer modes of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. While there is no word yet on a Mac port of the add-on, Wolfenstein fans will surely be petitioning Aspyr to publish the title.

As reported earlier, the Engineer class will be receiving some upgrades and new abilities to make it even more useful. A new class, named Covert Ops, is also being added and will have the ability to steal enemy uniforms in order to infiltrate enemy territory.

In addition, bot support is also being added for those that wish to play multiplayer games without the hassle of logging online. GameSpy's recent preview of Enemy Territory remarks on bot behavior:

We watched the bots in action on the Beach map, and they certainly seemed to know where they were going. The engineer would set the charge at the sea wall, while the rest of the team clustered around. Once the wall blew, they'd split up and take separate routes, but all heading for the document room, and then the radio room. The bots will follow your orders to an extent — if you start doing something that doesn't mesh with the map objectives, they may still head off on their own. In a touch of humor, the bots shoot each other during the warmup mode... something that most human players tend to do before each match. Tools are also being developed so map makers can add support for their own maps, which should be released along with the expansion pack.
Other enhancements include an automap feature which displays teammates and objectives as well as a stats manager for players that like to check their effectiveness in gameplay. Stay tuned to IMG for any word on the title being ported to the Mac.

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