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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

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MacPlay Announces Freedom Force
9:10 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

In what should no doubt be exciting news to many Mac gamers, MacPlay today announced a deal with publisher Crave Entertainment that guarantees the rights to three of Crave's top titles. The first of these titles is Freedom Force, a role-playing game with roots firmly embedded in the old-school comic book world.

Released for the PC very recently, Freedom Force allows players to control a team of costumed superheroes in an attempt to thwart an evil alien race's attempt to conquer the Earth through the use of a nefarious concoction known as Energy X. This campy title plays much like a comic book, containing a wealth of missions and role-playing qualities:

Freedom Force contains 22 unique missions, the majority of which will require a squad of four heroes such as the patriotic leader "Minuteman," the powerful "Manbot," and the fiery "El Diablo."  A fully featured RPG skill system rewards strategic heroes by allowing players to juggle stats, pump up powers, recruit new heroes, and strengthen existing heroes based on experience accumulated in tactical missions. The game's enhanced "mod" element allows players to completely customize and/or create their own unique heroes and personal "skins."
Freedom Force is currently slated for Mac OS X only, and has a projected release date of fall 2002.

Freedom Force
Crave Entertainment
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