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Monday, May 13, 2002

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Jeff Tunnell Interview
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Korean gaming site Gamezone recently sat down with Jeff Tunnell, President of GarageGames, and asked a variety of questions about his career in the game industry. The interview, which is quite lengthy, addresses everything from Tunnell's beginnings with Dyanmix to his current stint with the Torque Engine.

The interview offers a nostalgic look at Tunnell's past, noting earlier titles such as Rise of the Dragon and Heart of China, games that should be familiar to older gamers. It goes on to discuss Dynamix's eventual sale to Sierra and the subsequent development of the now famous Tribes series, which leads up to the development of the Torque Engine.

Tunnell also reaffirms his commitment to small and independent developers:

GarageGames is dedicated to leveling the playing field for small developers. It is our feeling that small game developers have many great ideas, but can't implement them because it takes too long to create the base technology for a modern game.

One of the things that GG does is to remove the technology barrier by selling the Torque Game Engine for $100 per programmer. Now, developers can start using the indoor/outdoor terrain, award winning multi-player networking, scripting language, and mission editor to make a game right away.

Instead of worrying about how to make the technology, they can spend their efforts making a great game.

Those interested in learning more about Tunnell's history as well as his future plans should peruse the whole interview, available at Gamezone. GarageGames also has a web site for those interested in taking a look at the Torque Engine.

Gamezone: Jeff Tunnell Interview

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