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Thursday, May 9, 2002

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Dog of Prey Preview
8:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new preview at 3D Action Planet looks at Dog of Prey, a fun upcoming cartoon dogfighter from a team called Darkhand. The game is based on the Torque engine, a $100 3D engine from Oregon-based GarageGames that originally powered Tribes 2. Thanks to the engine's cross-platform nature, Darkhand plans to release Dog of Prey on Mac, PC, and Linux in beta form sometime this summer. The full release should follow and will be freeware as well.

The preview gives a rundown of this cell-shaded title including the different multiplayer game types, the many planes to be included, and the fun of just flying around, blowing things up. Here's an excerpt explaining two of the game's six modes:

Artifact Recovery - At first glance Artifact Recovery looks exactly like Capture the Flag, but on closer inspection it is seen to be so much more. An artifact is placed, totally at random, somewhere on the map, and the teams have to find it, pick it up, and bring it back to their base. The team with the most number of recovered artifacts wins (NOTE: Artifacts are attached via cable to the back of the plane that picked it up, and the other team can steal the artifact by shooting down the other plane, or flying into the artifact and claiming it for themselves).

Protect the Base - In this mission type each team is given a ground base and they have to destroy the other teams base for theirs gets destroyed. Fighters will cover the bombers who will move in with the heavy ordinance to level the place. Sounds like fun.

For more information, read through the rest of the preview and also check out the Dog of Prey web site. According to the article, the beta could be out as early as next month, so watch IMG closely for any new details on its release.

3D Action Planet: Dog of Prey Preview
Dog of Prey

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