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Thursday, May 9, 2002

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Secret New Ambrosia Game Shots Released
7:48 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software president Andrew Welch recently posted three new screen shots of an unannounced, upcoming title to the company's web bulletin board system. The pics show what looks like a ship flying over a green landscape. Very little user interface is show, with only a rudimentary compass in place. The framerate is shown between 30 and 50 frames per second. Some lighting effects are already there, through, with a sun flare shining through in the last shot. One hint at the game's name could be that all three JPEGs have the acronym "MT" in them.

While the shots bare a striking similarity to a previous Ambrosia project called Ragnarok, that game was put away when its main programmer, Ben Spees, left the company. Welch himself makes it clear the new title is not Ragnarok, nor is it even using the same game engine.

Here are Welch's two posts to the forum thread:

hmmm... I wandered across these screenshots of a game today, I wonder what they are? Hint: it isn't Ragnarok.
No, it is not based on the Ragnarok engine.
So it seems we have a full-fledged mystery at the popular shareware company. If you've got a guess at the name or origin of the game, you can continue the IMG Forum thread already started about this secret title. Stay tuned to IMG for the latest from Ambrosia as they reveal any new secrets surrounding it.

Ambrosia Software
Ambrosia: Mystery game screenshots
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Archives  News  Secret New Ambrosia Game Shots Released