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Tuesday, May 7, 2002

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Sound Blaster 1.1 RC Drivers Available
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Yesterday evening, Creative Lab's Brian Souder posted a message in the IMG Forum heralding the unofficial availability of a release candidate of the long-awaited driver update for the Sound Blaster Live! audio card.

While version 1.1 RC offers no support for Mac OS X, it does address a number of long-standing issues in Mac OS 9 and even adds a few new features to the card as well:

1. New Features

1.1 Preset Auditioning

This feature allows you to audition presets within a librarian window.
1.2 Preset Editing
SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 includes a powerful preset editor. This feature allows you to adjust many of the properties of a preset, giving you unparalleled creative control.
1.3 Import
Basic and Advanced Import modes allow you to import audio files (AIF or WAV format) into your own presets.
1.4 SoundFont Help
An extensive SoundFont resource has been added to the help system.
2. Enhanced Features

2.1 Audio Fidelity

Driver v1.1 addresses many sound quality issues such as pops and clicks during playback and recording.
2.2 Power Management
Driver v1.1 adds power management support.
2.3 Roxio CD Spin Doctor
Driver v1.1 no longer conflicts with this application.
2.4 Titanium [sic] Microphone Recording
Driver v1.1 addresses many input microphone recording issues for the Titanium [sic] Macintosh computers.
2.5 Playback Volume
Mixer v1.1 now maintains consistent playback volume.
2.6 Large SoundFont Bank Support
SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now supports SoundFont Banks larger than 32 MB.
2.7 Multiple Librarian Windows
SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now supports large numbers of open librarian windows simultaneously.
2.8 Keyboard Mouse Text
SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now properly displays key number and octave information when mousing over the keyboard.
2.9 External MIDI Preset Change
SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now properly responds to preset changes sent from external MIDI controllers.
It should be noted that while Creative's programmers hope these drivers are ready for official release, Creative Labs has not yet completed testing them. Sound Blaster Live! owners who wish to try them out do so at their own risk. The adventurous should take particular note of the known issues listed in the version 1.1 "ReadMe" file, linked below along with the release candidate drivers.

For more information on the Sound Blaster Live! PCI audio card, be sure to check out IMG's review.

[Eddie Park contributed to this story.]

IMG Review: Sound Blaster Live!
Sound Blaster Live!
IMG Forum: Sound Blunder Live! Drivers?
Sound Blaster Live! 1.1 Final RC (22.3 MB)
Sound Blaster Live! 1.1 README (4 KB)

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Archives  News  Sound Blaster 1.1 RC Drivers Available