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Wednesday, May 1, 2002

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Wolfenstein Single-Player Demo Planned
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Gamers eager to try Aspyr Media's newly-released Return to Castle Wolfenstein before buying the game may get the opportunity. On The Gamesome Mac on Monday evening, Aspyr's president, Michael Rogers, revealed:

We are planning to do a single-player demo.
A multiplayer demo of sorts already exists: late last year, id Software, who developed this first-person shooter along with Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software, released two Mutiplayer Tests, but they ran only under Mac OS X.

A demo of Return to Castle Wolfenstein's single-player campaign would not only give potential buyers a taste of that mode, it would also allow Mac OS 9 users, many of whom have older systems near the low end of the game's official requirements, to evaluate the game's performance on those systems.

Rogers would not predict a release date for such a demo, but he noted that its turnaround time should not be long. Elaborating, he said:

I'm not trying to make a firm commitment here, but I'm pretty sure that on our list of things to do is a demo for Wolfenstein.
A demo, however, is not the only Wolfenstein-related project planned at Aspyr, and the publisher must decide how to allocate resources with Westlake Interactive, who converted the title to Mac OS 9 and X:
We're also working on that project to do the 1.31 patch and some other technologies to try to build into the game as well.

You know, in fact, I'd be interested to hear from people if they would rather have the 1.31 patch or a demo, because frankly we're trying to set some programming resource priority as well.

The version 1.31 patch, already available for Windows and Linux, will allow multiplayer compatibility with the latest PC and Linux servers; the "other technologies," according to Rogers, include the PunkbBuster anti-cheating technology reported previously on IMG.

Rogers clarified that the choice Aspyr is weighing is not which project to do and which to abandon, but which project to do first. If you'd like to answer his request for feedback and help Aspyr decide, click on the "Comment" link above and voice your preference, and we'll pass your comments along.

To listen to the full interview with Michael Rogers in last Monday's broadcast of The Gamesome Mac, the weekly Mac gaming radio show, visit the show's archives, linked below.

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