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Tuesday, April 30, 2002
HID Wizard Released for OS X
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

In an interesting bit of software wizardry that should be of interest to both gamers and developers, Z Sculpt Entertainment has made available a development library titled HID Wizard that allows InputSprocket compatibility for Carbon applications under Mac OS X. According to their web site, no device drivers are necessary for it to work.

Here's a clip from the press release detailing its workings:

It is a FREE compatibility library meant to replace InputSprocketLib. Simply add it to your CodeWarrior project and you are ready to go! Under classic, it tests for the presence of InputSprocket and calls it internally. Under OS X, it is implemented as a layer above the HID Utilities. We have included a sample project which shows how to use it. It is donation-ware, in other words, the end user can choose to register and contribute some money, but all features are enabled "out of the box." It will always be free to developers.
HID Wizard allows controller configuration via a graphic layout and uses a click-and-drag interface for the arrangement of buttons. A few sample layouts for popular controllers such as the MacAlly iShock II are included.

As HID Wizard is still in beta, a few featurs, such as analog support and event timestamps, still need to be implemented. Users who would like to try it out can find it at the official Z Sculpt site. It carries a shareware fee of $9.95 for users, but is free for developers who wish to implement it. More information can be found at the official HID Wizard page.

Z Sculpt: HID Wizard

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Archives  News  HID Wizard Released for OS X