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Monday, April 29, 2002

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Sid Meier Interviewed Yet Again
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As game designer Sid Meier continues on his Get Civilized Tour, more and more interviews with him seem to be popping up on the web. Not that he doesn't deserve the attention, what with several best-selling strategy titles under his belt, Civilization III being his latest and greatest. He recently took the time to chat with Gameplex about everything from his beginnings with Micropose to the demise of his Dinosaur project.

This particular interview focuses more on Meier's personal history than on his current projects, and covers such topics as his start with Atari, Micropose, and his current stint with Firaxis. He also comments on why he tends to stay with strategy and simulation games:

I write games that I would like to play and I have an interest in history. When I was young I read a lot about airplanes and the Civil War. So all the topics that come up in my games, it was something when I was young I got interested in. So they're all things I think are fun. You get the chance to become a pirate, or you get the chance to become a airplane pilot or a general, all things you can never do in your real life. But I thought it would be fun to do in the fantasy place.
Also of interest is Sid Meier's Dinosaurs, a name that many gamers have probably never heard. According to Meier, the project is all but dead:
Last month I gave a talk in Las Vegas at the Game Developers Conference about the dinosaur game. I showed three different versions of it: one was a real-time version, one was a turn-based version, one was a card game version and the talk was about how they were so close to being fun, but they just were not quite fun enough. So right now it's kind of extinct, it's dead but some day we will try to bring it back to life.
The rest of the interview provides a peek into the rest of Meier's history, including the very first game he ever programmed and what his thoughts are on console gaming. Those interested in learning more about Meier are encouraged to check it out at Gameplex.

Gameplex: Sid Meier Interview
Civilization III
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