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Friday, April 26, 2002

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New WarCraft III Singleplayer Info
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment recently took a trip to London to promote their upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, WarCraft III. An initial report at GameSpot UK talks about the event, in which Bill Roper revealed new information about the single-player aspects of the game. While much has been discussed about the multiplayer game, thanks the the ongoing internet beta test, little information has surface concerning offline play.

StarCraft fans should be familiar with the style of the single-player game, as Blizzard plans to have the story weave through many of the game's four playable races. Quite a bit is being pulled from the previous games in the WarCraft series as well, so fans shouldn't feel any disconnect when playing WarCraft III. While the game's tutorial starts you out as an orc, it quickly changes as you progress:

The first jump in the story is when you start the campaign properly, whereupon you leave the Orcs behind and begin as a human hero, Prince Arthas, who conducts the defense of a village with the assistance of Uther Lightbringer, a character from the WarCraft II expansion Beyond the Dark Portal. Indeed lots of the hero characters encountered in the game will sound familiar — if they aren't from WarCraft II directly, many on the Human and Orc sides are the direct descendants of characters that you'll have met in that game. For instance, in level three of WarCraft III Arthas escorts a young sorceress called Jaina Proudfoot in a mission that seeks to find the root cause of the plague that is sweeping the land. It turns out that Jaina is the daughter of Admiral Proudfoot from WarCraft II.
For more information and many screen shots, be sure to check out both GameSpot UK and Computer and Video Games, who also have a quick Q&A with Roper posted. He covers much of the same ground, though he also delves into the WarCraft III editor, which has been confirmed as coming to the Mac as well.

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