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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

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Beenox Unveils The VATZ; Mac Info
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Dee Brown of Beenox Studios has released some very interesting information about Goliath, a new 3D game engine in the works, and about the first game to use it, a technology demo called The VATZ. Beenox are famous for their work on Mac titles like Pillars of Garendall and Cro-Mag Rally.

The Goliath technology appears quite impressive, as witnessed by the first few screen shots released of the demo in action. While not much about The VATZ's gameplay has yet been released, there is a hint as to its design in the press release:

Featuring intense third-person gameplay and multiple twisted storylines in a completely original world brought to life by stunning state-of-the-art 3D graphics, The VATZ is sure to offer a unique experience to the gamers out there.
The Goliath engine takes advantage of all of the whiz-bang features of most modern 3D hardware, but it was unclear whether The VATZ was up and running on the Mac. We went to Brown for clarification; here's his reply:
We created our technology to be open to cross-platform development. While the technical demo currently runs only on a Windows system (that way, we can showcase a couple of features that are not yet available in OpenGL for Mac), the engine could be used to create Macintosh games (very well for OS X). That really depends on whether or not the publisher of the game wants it for the Macintosh market.
With previous cross-platform work like the Coldstone Game Engine under their belts, we're confident any Goliath games (including The VATZ) could be brought to the Mac by a willing publisher. It's always great to see powerful new 3D engines on the platform, and we'll follow Beenox's development through and beyond the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo to see where they go with it.


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Archives  News  Beenox Unveils The VATZ; Mac Info