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Thursday, April 18, 2002
Lead Designer Leaves Master of Orion III Team
10:15 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a post to the official Master of Orion III forums, former lead designer Alan Emrich noted he is parting ways with Quicksilver. While the full story isn't given, it seems Emrich won't be completely distanced from the team, as he might help out with random tasks before the game ships. Here's a clip:

The formal ties between myself and Quicksilver have been untied. That is, for the record, I've ceased to be a full-time Quicksilver employee and, at month's end, I will not be a Quicksilver employee at all.

Obviously, I'm not a quitter by nature and this situation was not one of my choosing. Write this one off to "circumstances"; when these kinds of things happen in life, you roll with 'em....

Now, as for MOO3, I've stated to both Bill Fisher and Constantine my willingness to remain involved in whatever capacity we can work out between us. I mean, shoot, I still live 12 minutes away from Quicksilver, and Bill is still the same best friend I've had since Kindergarten and whom I stood beside as the best man at his wedding. If Bill asks for help, or advice, or just needs a friend to listen to him while he rails at the injustices of the universe (which he seldom does; he's pretty stoic) — he knows I'll always be there for him. We've got a lot of history, Bill and I, and a new chapter awaits to be written.

Check out Emrich's full post for the rest of the word on his departure. The game is now being retooled slightly by the remaining Quicksilver members and should be released in Q3 of this year by MacSoft.

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