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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

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Details on EV: Nova 1.0.1 Patch
10:32 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new update to the Ambrosia Software web progress logs for Escape Velocity: Nova show a massive list of changes for the game's upcoming 1.0.1 patch. This amazingly popular game from ATMOS and Matt Burch has garnered over 21 thousand downloads from Macgamefiles in the three weeks since its release, and a great number of player complaints seem to be addressed in the 1.0.1 patch's many gameplay and mission tweaks. The entire list is quite long (around 60 changes), so here are a selected few that might be of interest to Nova fans:

  • Added a reminder mission to let player know they need to register to go further in the storylines
  • 'Capture Vell-os' misn (id 183) now has its special ships appear in the correct system
  • Reduced the number of ships called in the 'Observe Bureau' so that the mission is a little easier to comprehend
  • 'Find Vell-os' misn is now more interesting
  • Made many more missions combat-centric
  • The generic rebel missions should now proceed a little quicker
  • The player now has a way out of the Vell-os storyline (into the Polaris one, but doesn't limit the players involvement in other storylines)
  • There are now 'Blow-Stuff-up' misns to occupy the player after completing the various storylines
  • A number of minor spelling and grammar fixes
For the complete list of fixes and updates, head over to the Ambrosia site now. There is no word yet on when the 1.0.1 patch will be released, but Ambrosia president Andrew Welch had this to say about it in the game's forum:
Just to let you folks know -- we have been carefully reading all of the bugs and complaints reported here, and have rolled them into EV Nova 1.0.1, which is currently in beta test.

It will be released as soon as it is ready (please don't ask for a date -- we don't know).

Stay tuned to IMG, as we'll keep you posted on as 1.0.1 nears release.

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