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Tuesday, April 9, 2002
Sixtyforce Updated for OS X
8:53 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a new post to his web site, Mac programmer Gerrit Goossen has released a new version of his powerful Nintendo 64 emulator Sixtyforce. Goossen is also wrapping up work on realMYST for MacPlay, so it's impressive that this side-project has received attention as well. The program is now headed firmly in the direction of OS X, though this version 0.6.2b1 might also run under OS 9. In his post, he notes what has changed in this version, as well as the future for the program:

What's new in sixtyforce 0.6.2b1?

There's support for OS X, lots of compatibility fixes and a number of speed improvements. There are also plenty of new bugs and graphical glitches. This release is a major overhaul with changes to just about everything. The benefits of many of the under the hood changes will become visible with future sixtyforce releases....

This version might look similar to older versions, but again I want to emphasize, much of sixtyforce has been completely rewritten. The interface is all new code. This was done fully support OS X and keep performance on OS X as close to OS 9 and possible. Believe it or not, sixtyforce in general is now faster on OS X than OS 9! (I think sixtyforce might be the first application to manage this ;)

For the full update, have a look at the Sixtyforce site, and be sure to give the small (167k) download a try. If you run into problems, try running the updated app from an older installation of Sixtyforce.

Download Sixtyforce 0.6.2b1

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