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Monday, April 8, 2002

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MacGamer Interviews Peter Tamte
11:47 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

MacGamer's Corey "Keep up the good work all of you" Tamas has interviewed Peter Tamte of Destineer Studios. Among other interesting items having to do with Mac gaming, this specific statement came out about Halo for Macintosh:

One thing which Mac Halo naysayers tend to focus on is, even though Bungie has stated repeatedly that Halo will come to Mac, Microsoft pulls the financial strings (suggesting that it's not for Bungie to say one way or another if a Mac version can or will get made). When you say that you "know this to be true" about Halo for Mac, is this because of Bungie's assertion of it or because Microsoft has been clear with you about it? Or something else?

Anybody who has asserted that Microsoft will prevent Halo from shipping on the Macintosh is not well informed. Making Halo available for Macintosh is a promise that was made by Ed Fries, the VP who manages all of Microsoft's games software, on stage with Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo.

There's a bit more on Halo and a lot of stuff on Tamte and Destineer's other projects in the interview as well.

MacGamer Interviews Peter Tamte
Destineer Studios

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