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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

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Marius net Adds Ranked Myth:TFL Rooms
11:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In what looked initially like a good April Fool's Day joke, it seems marius net is now offering ranked rooms for Myth: The Fallen Lords. While the server admins often made clear in the past their distaste for running a ranked system, it looks like the fan base has convinced them to give it a try. While no ranked rooms exist yet for the second Myth game, the feature is promised soon for Soulblighter players as well.

The ranking is not real-time and uses a complex system of calculations to try to eliminate cheating and bias. A marius net forum thread explains the premise:

The new feature is TFL ranked rooms (with SB ranked rooms sooooooon). These are *not* your old ranked rooms however. This is how it works...

Daily a game data file is processed, summarized, and computed. This summary is what you see when you go to the summary report and view the 'all games 31 day' report. This data is then uploaded back to the game server and imported in. You can view people's TFL stats by typing .stats with someone highlighted. This will basically give you the data that is available on the web server.

Please note that this data is updated *once* a day, sometime in the morning. It is *not* realtime. Also - there are various reasons why a game might not be included in the counts. The information is presented *as is* - do not complain that you were cheated out of a game.

For much more information on how the system works, read the rest of the post and a corresponding explanation.

marius net
marius net: MCS Explanation
marius net: Marius net Ranked - no joke (:
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