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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

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Myst Miniseries Coming to TV
11:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Jim Stephenson's excellent fan site, the Riven Unofficial Home Page, was recently updated with very interesting news about a new television miniseries being planned around the famed world of Myst. It seems the Sci Fi Channel is looking to take up the cause with Cyan.

According to Stephenson, who talked with Cyan president Tony Fryman and with chief of design and production Susan Bonds, the writer and director of the Sci Fi Channel's recent successful Dune miniseries is a fan of the games and may have instigated the move.

The four-hour series is still in its early stages (a screenplay writer has only recently been selected) so Myst fans shouldn't expect anything too soon. Stephenson notes that Cyan is fully behind the project, and a quick press release is located on the D'ni Guild web site:

MYST (4-hour miniseries) - Inspired by the best-selling CD-ROM adventure game of all time, this four-hour SCI FI miniseries sends us on a journey to discover what really happened on the island of Myst. Along the way, we uncover an ancient civilization that existed for thousands of years beneath the surface of the Earth—a civilization that created magical books allowing one to travel to other worlds or Ages. Using these "linking" books in MYST, characters defy the boundaries of space and get entangled in the intrigue and mystery of undiscovered worlds. MYST will be a Mandalay Television Pictures production for SCI FI, executive produced by Elizabeth Stephen with Rand Miller and Susan Bonds of Cyan in association with Columbia Tri Star Domestic Television.
For the full scoop, be sure to head over and check out Stephenson's site.

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