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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

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Gorky 17 Goes Gold
10:33 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Thomas Steiding of e.p.i.c. interactive sent word to IMG this morning that development and testing has just been completed on Gorky 17 and the game should start shipping soon.

This description from the e.p.i.c. web site sets the scene:

The year is 2008. NATO intelligence reports that, for some unknown reason, the Russian army has destroyed one of its so-called "secret cities" known by the code word "Gorky 17." This exact replica of an American city was used to train the best Russian spies during the Cold War. "The city's been deserted since the collapse of the Iron Curtain," comes the reassuring answer from the Kremlin. "Now that we are friends, we no longer need such monuments to mistrust."

But NATO commanders aren't buying this PR exercise — they know that Gorky 17 had another, far more important purpose. This was where the Soviet Union conducted its most secret military experiments.

Steiding described to IMG some of the game's features:
Gorky 17 combines the best of three genres:

  • Exploration and interaction with your environment (adventure)
  • Character development (RPG)
  • Engrossing battles with a wide variety of enemies (strategy)

Adventure elements are smoothly woven into the strategic battles, to create an exciting world and get you intensely involved in the scheme of things. Here you're not just an observer — you're truly part of the action! The horror/s-f story, along with the in-game events and spectacular Softimage-created full-motion video cut scenes, is central to the game. The plot is realistic and rich, with riveting twists and turns that will keep you glued to your chair.

Gorky 17 is built for Mac OS X and requires a 300 MHz G3, 128 MB of RAM, and an OpenGL-accelerated video card with 8 MB of VRAM. Recommended are a 500 MHz G3 and a 16 MB video card. The game also runs under Mac OS 9 (where it will need more RAM), but playing under Mac OS X is recommended.

For much more information and some impressive screen shots, check out the Gorky 17 web pages via the link below.

Gorky 17

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