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Wednesday, March 20, 2002
In Other News: AVP Cheats, iBong, & More
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In other news are shorter stories where anything goes. Over time we'll be including game updates, not-so-game related stuff, and more. Help us out by sending us your news tips!

Gaming News

Aliens vs. Predator Cheat Files — MacGamer has posted a story about an Aliens vs Predator cheat file that's just been released.

World of Warcraft Preview — Preview of World of Warcraft at Actiontrip.

realMYST Preview — Preview of realMYST at AppleLinks.


Civilization III — BusinessWeek

Giants Multiplayer — Games4Mac (Italian)

Game Updates

Giants: Citizen Kabuto Demo

Anything Goes

The Old Mac That Went to Pot — "The Mac Bong, or iBong, is made from a water-filled bong mounted inside an old Mac SE 30. The bowl of the bong protrudes from the front of the computer, just below the screen. The mouthpiece sticks out the back."

Apple Goes Hollywood — "A tiny, recent acquisition by Apple Computer hints at how the niche computer maker plans to dominate Hollywood with its technology."

North Magnetic Pole could be leaving Canada — "The North Magnetic Pole could soon abandon Canada, migrate north of Alaska and eventually wind up in Russia, according to a Canadian scientist."

"Spider-Man" Online Trailer an Exclusive, via QuickTime — Score another victory for Apple and QuickTime.

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Archives  News  In Other News: AVP Cheats, iBong, & More