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Thursday, March 14, 2002

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IMG Previews pop-pop
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IMG has posted a sneak preview by Kit Pierce of Ambrosia Software's upcoming arcade game, pop-pop:

I love Ambrosia Software. I have loved them since I bought my first Mac, an LC II. Pretty sweet little machine in its day. 4 MB RAM, 40 MB hard drive, 12" color monitor included... *sigh* Those were the days that the guys at the local Mac lab on campus would let me walk in with blank diskettes and walk out with armfuls of shareware. Here is where I discovered those classics like Solarian II, Armor Alley, and Maelstrom. I almost dismissed Maelstrom as just another asteroids clone, but let me tell you, friends, I am glad I did not, for many many hours of play on Maelstrom sparked my current love affair with Ambrosia Software that burns on today. I was tickled pink when given the chance to check out one of Ambrosia's latest: pop-pop.

Being heavily influenced by Arkanoid, pop-pop puts an interesting spin on an old favorite. Basic single-player gameplay is simple enough: you have a paddle you can move on both the x and y axis across a limited field of play. There is a ball you must bounce up and down from the paddle to bubble-like bricks suspended above your field of play. Break the bricks, and sometimes goodies float down to your paddle. Some are good and some are bad, and each affects the gameplay in some way. We all know this part, but then Ambrosia starts to turn up the intensity.

For the rest of our preview, follow the link below.

IMG Preview: pop-pop

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