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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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Strike Force 1.75 Released for UT
12:03 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Strike Force, one of the most popular realism-based mods for Unreal Tournament, has been updated to version 1.75, and a Mac installer is now available.

Here's what's new:

Strike Force 1.75 has been recoded from the ground up to provide more action and intense squad based combat. We redesigned Strike Force for more fun, more action and a faster overall game play experience. Bugs were eliminated from our last version and a smaller, faster version was built. This new version is a FULL install and weighs in at only 110 MB. It includes ten maps with a full map pack following in two weeks. If you tried Strike Force before we suggest you try it again. 1.75 is an all new experience.

Key Features

  • Ten real world maps
  • Location damage
  • Muzzle flashes and tracer fire
  • Super fast server browser
  • Over 22 weapons
  • Four game types (TeamDM, DM, Escape, and Hostage Rescue)
  • Weight system (affects player speeds depending on amount carried)
  • Stamina system (affects speed, weapon accuracy, and heart rate)
  • Over 400 different character animations
  • Fast paced action for fun while keeping the realism feel
  • Whistle at your team mates for attention and use a wide variety of communication commands
  • Sprint speeds for faster running and quick attacks
  • Super balanced weapon specs tested by our 50+ team of beta testers
  • All new weapon sounds that pack a punch
  • Flashlight and Nightvision for Darkmatch
  • Inventory stations for quick access to weapons
  • Blood trails to follow wounded players and finish them off
  • Medals for the best overall players during rounds and matches
  • Map vote code to allow players to change game types and maps by voting. Also included kick feature to kick Tkers and problem players
  • Totally unique aim system which requires players to actually aim their weapons for better accuracy, making players think more and work as a team
For more information or to download the Mac installer, head over to the Strike Force Center at the links below. Unreal Tournament was converted by Westlake Interactive and published for the Mac by MacSoft.

Strike Force
Unreal Tournament
Strike Force 1.75 Mac Installer (114 MB)

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