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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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Blizzard Confirms Mac WarCraft III Collector's Edition
10:30 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Last week IMG brought you word on the Collector's Edition of Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming 3D real-time strategy and role-playing game WarCraft III.

As with the special edition of Diablo II, this package will include a number of extra goodies that dedicated fans will want to have. In the case of Diablo II, however, Blizzard chose not to wait for the Mac version of the game to be ready before releasing the limited collector's edition, and when, shortly thereafter, the regular Mac version shipped on a hybrid Mac/PC CD-ROM, Blizzard chose not to press any hybrid collector's edition CDs for Mac users.

With the initial release of the Diablo II expansion pack, Lord of Destruction, on hybrid CD-ROM, Blizzard signaled the move toward true simultaneous Mac and Windows releases in its product line.

IMG has now confirmed that Blizzard plans a simultaneous release for WarCraft III as well and that the Collector's Edition will be a Mac-friendly hybrid CD. Here's the word from Blizzard's Gil Shif:

Since Warcraft III will be a hybrid CD (for PC and Mac), the copy that comes in the Collector's Edition box will be Mac compatible.
Thanks to the excellent in-house Mac team at Blizzard for their work in keeping development on par with the PC version. WarCraft III will be Mac OS X native and, of course, will support Mac OS 9 as well. For the full scoop on what to expect, check out IMG's recent preview of WarCraft III and stayed tuned for news on its release in the coming months.

IMG News: WarCraft III Collector's Edition Revealed
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