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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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EV Nova Goes Gold
10:30 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

Yesterday evening, programmer Matt Burch announced on the EV Nova progress log that after only one day of testing on the third final candidate, a golden master CD of the game has been sent off for duplication. EV Nova is the eagerly awaited third installment in the Mac-only Escape Velocity series of galactic exploration from Ambrosia Software.

Almost immediately, fans began posting to Ambrosia's EV Nova web board, demanding that the game be made available for download. The moderators made it clear, however, that EV Nova will not be posted to the servers until the CDs are ready and the game's web site is up.

Here are some samples of the mayhem going on over at the Ambrosia forum:

PLEASE PLEASE let us have it, 2 years man, TWO years, its easy for you to say you have been playing it since the Alpha give us what we want...PLEASE let us download it. PLEASE. *breaks down into tears*

PLEASE, please, please, please, etc. let us download EVN before the CD's are pressed!! How long will it take to press them, and how many are you making, anyways?

After an eternity... just a little bit longer...

Obviously, there are some people who are really looking forward to playing EV Nova. Eventually, Dafydd Williams of developer ATMOS Software had to step in to calm everyone down:
There are a few things that need to happen first, so let's just calm down.

We need to have a website up and running before we move on this. We'd also like the CDs to be in our hands before we start distribution via the net. That way everyone who can't get Nova via the net can be able to get Nova on the same day as everyone else.

We also have a variety of small things that need tidying before it all goes crazy around here.

Chill, everyone! The day will soon be at hand.

It seems that there will be at least several more days to wait before EV Nova is ready for download. In the meantime, be sure to check out IMG's preview.

IMG Preview of EV: Nova
Escape Velocity: Nova
Ambrosia: ev3 progress log
Ambrosia: EV Nova web board

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