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Friday, March 8, 2002
Sigma Chess Carbonized, Upgraded
1:39 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Every seasoned player knows that gameplay is ultimately what makes or breaks the staying power of a game, and while 40 years of dizzying progress in computer gaming technology has not availed to topple chess from its throne, it has provided useful service to the King of Games.

Sigma GameWare yesterday released version 6 of Sigma Chess, the excellent master-strength chess program by Ole Christensen that features "database support, PGN/EPD support, basic desktop publishing, endgame databases, novice levels, a true perspective 3D board, ExaChess compatibility, and much more."

The program is available in two versions: Sigma Chess Lite, an impressively functional freeware offering with certain advanced features limited or disabled, and Sigma Chess Pro, a full-featured commercial product available for the astonishingly low price of $15.

Sigma Chess 6 is a major upgrade offering the following new features, among others:

  • Unlike previous versions, Sigma Chess 6 is a Carbon application that runs natively on Mac OS 8.6, 9, and X.
  • Sigma Chess 6 can analyze multiple positions/games simultaneously by smoothly multitasking between each engine "instance."
  • In Sigma Chess 6 Pro it is now possible to perform database searches on specific board positions and opening lines.
  • Sigma Chess 6 Pro collections can contain up to 1 million games.
  • PGN files can now be opened directly without you first having to create a new empty collection.
  • HTML Export. Sigma Chess 6 can now generate chess related web pages with embedded chess diagrams, annotation text etc (similar to printing). It uses the same piece set naming convention as in ChessBase, so you can use your favorite ChessBase piece sets instead of the standard Sigma Chess HTML piece set.
  • Improved Position Library Support. Now supports standard position classification glyphs (=, +/- etc). Also, you can now easily build your own position library by importing positions from game collections.
  • A new player ELO dialog is included which shows more rating statistics, including an ELO history graph showing the development of the player's ELO rating. In Sigma Chess 6 Lite only the results of the first 10 rated games are included.

Much more information is available from the Sigma Chess web site, including the full user's manual in HTML format and a good collection of links to Mac-related and general interest chess sites on the Web.

The free Sigma Chess Lite is available for download from our sister site, MacGameFiles.

Sigma Chess
MGF: Sigma Chess Lite 6.0 (2.9 MB)

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