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Thursday, March 7, 2002
Whong Itches to Test FPS Skills in Real World
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Demonstrating his keen publicist's instincts, Jason Whong, former bug-eating PR representative for Ambrosia Software and MacPlay and star of Donkey Punch Software's immortal Escape from Jason Whong, has seized on a slow news week to inform IMG of his plans to take his first-person shooting skills and those of other Mac gamers, including IMG's own Chris Barylick, into the physical world.

The world of scenario paintball, that is:

Team MacFPS invites Mac gamers over 18 (and friends) to join our platoon. We're a casual group of gamers who want to have fun at paintball scenario events in the Northeast USA. We don't expect to win the Paintball World Cup, but we'd like to think that our years of playing first person shooters may have prepared us for our day in the sun.

Scenario Paintball brings first person shooters and roleplaying to life, while preserving the competitive aspects of a game. Hundreds of people show up at these games. We're looking for a dozen people that are looking for a few interesting weekends this year.

A FAQ at the Team MacFPS web site describes scenario paintball in more detail:
Scenario games are to paintball what Counter-Strike is to Half-Life. (not that such an analogy matters to Mac gamers...) Scenario games emphasize team play and completion of missions and objectives for points, instead of more simple games that end at elimination or when a flag is captured.

With several hundred people playing in a scenario game, concepts like personnel management and crisis management become more important as well, making the roleplaying experience more real than any current FPS is.

Of course, since the game is 26 hours long, it would not be fun if you were eliminated just at the opening whistle. To counter this, you can respawn every thirty minutes, so the longest you're out of the fight is a half hour. (or longer, if you sleep at night). You can also play as a common soldier, or take on more involved roles, and possibly use interesting weaponry.

The next event on Team MacFPS's calendar is the Ring of Fellowship on May 25-26 in New Milford, Pennsylvania. For more information, check out their web site at the link below.

Team MacFPS: Call for Players
Donkey Punch: Escape from Jason Whong!
MGF: Escape from Jason Whong 1.0 (348 KB)

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