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Thursday, February 28, 2002

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Big Time Talks Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin
11:20 AM | John Rousselle | Comment on this story

MacGamer has posted an interview with the crew of Big Time Software regarding the upcoming sequel to their revolutionary World War II war game Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. Slated for a summer release, Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin will shift the focus to the Eastern Front, dealing with the Germans' ill-fated thrust into the Russian steppes and their subsequent withdrawal and ultimate defeat:

MacGamer: What kind of research goes into a game like this to make the military look and gameplay "feel" right?

Big Time Software: Getting the overall "feel" right in a military and gameplay sense is achieved by paying a lot of attention to little details, and researching them as thoroughly as possible. And an incredible amount of time and effort goes into research. It took Steve weeks alone to research the various Army formations of all six nations, how they were structured and employed in combat (what is known as Tables of Organisation and Equipment, or short TO&E), and this is only one small part of the overall research required for a game of such vast scope as CMBB. Other areas include obtaining blueprints of tanks to model them in 3D in the game as closely as possible to their real-life counterparts, researching real-life ballistics and gunnery principles to achieve realistic combat results and and and... But we are considering CMBB as much a game as a serious simulation of tactical combat, so the research part and our intention to simulate battle as it was almost 60 years ago as accurately as possible is of paramount importance to us. Facing the decision of spending more time on graphics and visual "fluff" or on research and the implementation of realistic combat results, we have chosen realism over and over again in the past — something which has contributed without a doubt to the long living success and play depth of CM, and will be continued with CMBB. Being independent and not under the pressure of a marketing department or retail outlet schedules, we are able to afford "getting things right" before releasing the game. The relatively high percentage of former or current military personnel playing our games (and helping with the development) could be considered a proof to that.

The interview also includes five new screen shots and is well worth a look. Follow the link below for the full interview.

MacGamer: Big Time Software Interview
Combat Mission

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