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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

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Apple Talks Ambrosia and OS X
10:47 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new article by Brad Cook up now at Apple's gaming site gives the lowdown on current offerings from Mac-first publisher Ambrosia Software.

Headlining the story are both Deimos Rising, the addictive vertical scrolling shooter, and the Coldstone-based role-playing game Pillars of Garendall. The article includes quotes from Ambrosia president Andrew Welch extolling the benefits of working and playing under Mac OS X.

Matt Burch and Dave Williams are also on hand to give some thoughts on the upcoming release of Escape Velocity: Nova. Here's an excerpt:

Soon, Ambrosia will add a third title, Escape Velocity Nova, to the franchise. "Bigger, badder, and deeper" than the first two games, according to Welch, this one features a rich storyline that allows players to follow one of nine story threads (six major, three minor) depending on the choices made.

"Escape Velocity has been such a popular series because itís so easy to learn, offers so many hours of gameplay, and doesnít restrict the player from being able to do what they like," says project manager Dave Williams of ATMOS Software Productions. "They can explore the galaxy, make a fortune as a free trader, or hire themselves out as a mercenary. All for top dollar, of course."

Cook also takes a trip back in time to Welch's classic Maelstrom, one of the earliest color arcade games for the Mac.

Ambrosia Software
Apple: Games from Ambrosia Software

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