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Thursday, February 7, 2002

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First Looks at Worms Blast
9:22 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two sites have recently taken a look at Team 17's upcoming title Worms Blast. The game is a divergence from the company's usual Worms tradition of blowing apart the well-armed invertebrates, moving to a more colorful puzzle focus. Both GameSpot UK and Games Domain have previewed the title, which is set for a Mac release later in the year by Feral Interactive.

The goal of the game is to shoot apart colored bricks which reside above your character's head. Your character is actually in a little boat that bobs up and down with the current. The bricks will change color depending on the color of your current weapon, so strategy is key. Worms Blast features many different missions, as well as multiplayer mode if you would like to go head to head with a friend.

Here's a clip from GameSpot's article:

Each character's boat handles differently, which impacts on how you play the game and there are several different types of block as well as special items like presents and stars. Blocks can be of the basic coloured variety or multicoloured (rainbow blocks), and there are bouncy blocks and anchor blocks too. The most common weapon in the game is the bazooka, which lobs a shell after being powered up using the same system in the other Worms games. Grenades also make an appearance, along with dynamite, a laser and a shotgun. You gain access to the extra weapons by releasing presents and picking them up from the surface of the water before they sink.
Head over and check out both previews now if you're interested in the title. There are also many screen shots of Worms Blast available.

GameSpot UK: Worms Blast Preview
Games Domain: Worms Blast Preview
Feral Interactive
Worms Blast
Buy Worms Blast

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