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Thursday, January 24, 2002
Fruitz of Dojo Cuckoo for Cocoa Quake
6:00 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

The Fruitz of Dojo have updated their Mac OS X-native ports of Quake and QuakeWorld to version 1.0.6. The updates include software-rendered and OpenGL versions of both Cocoa apps and contains a substantial number of bug fixes and added features:

  • Enabled paste via "cmd-v" and the edit menu.
  • Changed mouse acceleration handling [uses now IOKit].
  • Fixed the keyboard repeat issue after application quit.
  • Screenshots are now saved in TIFF format.
  • Mouse wheel support finally works.
  • Added support for up to 5 mouse buttons.
  • Added support for the numeric keypad.
  • Added "Connect To Server" service to QuakeWorld and GLQuakeWorld.
  • Added rendering inside the Dock [if window is minimized].
  • Added application hide [via "cmd-h"] in windowed mode.
  • Added windowed mode to the software renderer.
  • Added application switching [via "cmd-tab"] in fullscreen mode [software renderer only].
  • Reworked windowed mouse code [should now work perfectly].
  • Many other small changes and fixes...
As IMG recently reported, the Fruitz are also responsible for an excellent Cocoa port of Quake 2, completed in record time, which is now at version 1.0.3; another team, the Mac GLQuake project at SourceForge, are offering their own Mac OS X-native version of Quake and QuakeWorld using the Carbon APIs. Thanks to independent programmers like the Fruitz of Dojo and the Mac GLQuake team, many classic games are being given new life in OS X.

Follow the links below to download the Quake update from our sister site, MacGameFiles, or to visit the Fruitz of Dojo web site.

Fruitz of Dojo
MGF: Quake 1.0.6 for Mac OS X (Cocoa) (1.3 MB)

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