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Friday, January 18, 2002
Bid for Power Due Today
11:58 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Bid for Power, a total conversion for Quake III that has been in development for over two years, is scheduled to be released today. Previously known as Dragonball Z (a name the development team had to stop using when Funimation and Infogrames let it be known that their trademark was not to be used), the mod includes characters, levels, attacks, sounds, and music inspired by Japanese anime, as well as several different multiplayer game types, including Free for All, Last Man Standing, Team Play, Battle for the Planet, Survivor, and Tournament.

One especially intriguing feature of Bid for Power is its use of special attacks:

Ki Attacks

Each character has five attacks. At the lowest power tier, the player only has one selectable attack. Each time the player advances to a new power tier [by killing other players], he gets a new selectable attack. By default, each of the numeric keys, 1-5, choose a different attack. Only one attack can be selected at a time, but switching between attacks is instant.

  • Standard attacks: hold down fire and you fire.
  • Charge-up attacks: hold down fire to start charging the attack, release fire to fire.
  • Minimum charge-up attacks: same as charge-up attacks, but with a minimum charge-up time. The ball of ki will appear in the player's hands once he is prepared to fire.
  • Beam attacks: a type of charge-up attack. Can only fire one beam at a time. After firing, you can aim the attack by moving the mouse.
  • Homing attacks: these attacks will home in on the nearest opponent.
Attack Collisions

Unlike Quake 3 attacks, BFP attacks are more than just a trajectory. Attacks have actual dimensions, and will explode on contact with players. Mid-air attack collisions also happen. Two attacks that collide will damage each other, and the stronger attack will cause the other to explode. The exception is any beam attack, which will destroy any other attack that it makes contact with.

One question sure to be one the minds of many readers is whether Bid for Power will a Windows-only DLL mod or a cross-platform QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) mod. Not to worry:
Q: What platform(s) will Bid for Power be released on?

A: Bid for Power will be released for Windows and Macintosh.

For more information and screen shots of this gorgeous-looking game, head on over to the Bid for Power web site.

Bid for Power

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