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Friday, January 18, 2002

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Civ 3 Update on the Way
8:36 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG has confirmed with Westlake Interactive that a patch for the recently released turn-based strategy title Civilization III is under way. Programmer Brad Oliver has posted hints of this in the IMG forum, along with suggestions to people who have trouble running the game now. Some of the issues readers are reporting include slowdowns in Mac OS X, sounds cutting out, and preferences not sticking.

Oliver notes that some solutions are available now, if you don't want to wait for a patch. One of the most-reported issues is the speed under OS X. It seems the Quartz engine is used to render the game's text by default, and while this certainly makes the game look better, it can be a major slowdown for slower machines. Simply disabling this option on startup (hold down command if you don't see the options menu) should help speed things up greatly.

If Civilization III isn't remembering your preferences, it seems the game's prefs file is probably missing its resource fork. Here's his advice:

We should have a fix for this very shortly. If you want to work around it until then, open up the "Civ3 Preferences" file with a resource editor like ResEdit or Resorcerer and add a resource fork to it, then save it.
If you do have a copy of the programmer's utility ResEdit (available as a free download from Apple), all you need to do is drag the prefs file onto the application and, if the resource fork is missing, ResEdit will ask if you want to add it. Click OK and you're done. If this sounds too daunting, then you might want to wait for the patch.

Other more minor problems like sound and music cutting out and the right mouse button not being recognized under OS X are being looked into now. Thanks to Westlake for their hard work in tracking down these nagging issues so gamers can get down to playing this addictive strategy title. MacGames CD subscribers who don't already have the game will definitely want to take advantage of the $39 special at the IMG Store.

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