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Friday, January 18, 2002

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Reports of French Touch's Death Exaggerated
4:08 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Earlier today, IMG reported receiving word from French Mac gaming site JeuxMac that French Touch, the developer of WaterRace, had decided to call it quits.

Happily, the reports of French Touch's death would seem to have been exaggerated.

Pierre-Olivier Latour, manager and lead programmer of French Touch, sent IMG this clarification:

Once WaterRace was finished and the distribution was going on, we've been working on several Mac/PC game pre-projects (adventure games, action games...). We also wanted to to raise funds for the development of our next game so that we could get paid during development and work full time on it (remember, we worked on WaterRace as free-lancers). Due to several reasons, it appeared that finding money for such projects was extremely difficult, so we got stuck.

On the other side, we have serious problems with our principal distributor in Europe (Softline, and especially its French part (Apacabar): delays in manufacturing (basically the product reached the [shelves] when the hype in the press was over), almost no promotion, minimal information regarding sales, huge delays in payments (or no payment at all)... I have to admit this situation has, as a matter of fact, "de-motivated" most of our team.

However, the company is definitely not closing its door or bankrupting or whatever! We're still distributing and promoting WaterRace since the game received great reviews and sells well in some countries.

Basically, we're in stand-by now.

IMG is delighted to learn that Mac gamers won't lose Latour's French Touch, and that WaterRace (which we reviewed favorably—a demo is available from MacGameFiles), will remain available. We look forward to hearing more from French Touch when the climate of extreme caution that currently prevails among investors moderates, as it inevitably must.

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