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Tuesday, January 8, 2002
MWSF: ATI Ships Radeon 7000 Today
10:42 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

ATI Technologies followed up a Macworld Expo announcement of their new cards with an extended press release offering details on the Radeon 7000. The most exciting news? Not only will the card support full-screen anti-aliasing (FSAA), but they will make a PCI version of the card, allowing users of older Mac systems to enjoy a new level of performance, or allowing those with AGP systems to add a second graphics card. Here are the details:

ATI Technologies Inc. (TSE:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT), a world leader in the supply of graphics, video and multimedia solutions, today introduced the RADEON(tm) 7000 MAC EDITION, a mainstream graphics solution for Apple users featuring dual display support and hardware acceleration for Mac OS X.

The RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION is ideally suited to users with older Power Mac systems wishing to increase their display real estate, update their graphics capability or increase their overall system performance. It also enables newer, AGP-based Power Mac owners to add one or more displays to their systems using one of the available PCI slots.

Featuring 32MB of DDR memory and ATI's PIXEL TAPESTRY(tm) and HYPER Z(tm) technologies, the RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION delivers excellent 2D and 3D performance. Additional ATI features such as VIDEO IMMERSION(tm) and hardware acceleration of OpenGL(r) and QuickTime(r) under Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, ensure that the RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION delivers excellent value for its price range, and meets the evolving needs of the mainstream PCI Mac market.

"The powerful 3D performance and flexible dual-display support that characterize the RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION make this an excellent graphics hardware choice for Mac users who are looking for proven and reliable technology at an attractive price point," said Stan Ossias, Product Manager, Mac Products, Desktop Marketing, ATI Technologies Inc. "The product's multiple display capability supports a variety of combinations of output through DVI-I, VGA and TV-out connectors."

FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing) technology, designed to minimize jagged edges and smooth images, is also enabled on this and other RADEON MAC EDITION products, bringing a high-end feature into this segment.

The RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION is ideal for mainstream Mac users, both at work and at home. For business users, RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION delivers exceptional 2D graphics and productivity benefits. For the home, RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION delivers solid 3D performance, integrated TV-out and ATI's VIDEO IMMERSION technology for industry-leading DVD playback. RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION supports both Mac OS 9 and OS X.

With a manufacturers' suggested retail price of (US) $129, the RADEON 7000 MAC EDITION graphics card offers more features and value than any other graphics card in its price range. It will begin shipping today to distributors and retailers and will be on shelves next week.

Update: Yes, the press release does note FSAA support for older Radeon Mac Edition products as well. ATI told IMG that the Radeon 7000 drivers enable FSAA on the Radeon Mac Edition.

That price point will be very sweet for those of you looking to replace an outdated Voodoo5 card or upgrade from a Rage 128. Stay tuned to IMG for more details from the show floor.

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Archives  News  MWSF: ATI Ships Radeon 7000 Today