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Thursday, December 27, 2001

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Shadowbane Online Chat Transcript
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story recently conducted an online chat with Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg, Internet Relations Manager for Wolfpack Studios. Wolfpack is probably best known for its current work in progress, Shadowbane, a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that is attempting to break the standards set by the firmly entrenched Ultima Online and EverQuest. Though the interview skews a little towards player vs player-centric questions, it does contain some interesting insights into the planned workings of the Shadowbane world.

For those unfamiliar with Shadowbane, it is being planned largely as a player-influenced world, with players being able to create and run entire towns. Dahlberg, when questioned about housing, notes that all buildings will be pre-made from existing templates, but that there will be a variety of buildings for players to choose from. He adds that those who choose to raid other people's structures can destroy them, but that the only way to take over a structure will be to have the current owner sign it over. Destroying a building will destroy everything within the building as well, including any loot that the raiders might have been hoping to gain.

Discussing character advancement, Dahlberg explains that, as players advance in level, they will gain Character and Attribute points. In a system of diminishing returns, players with higher levels will be granted fewer points. However, higher level players will have access to more Skills and Powers:

Only a few Skills and Powers are available to a beginning character, but more will open up as you advance in Level. To advance in a Power or Skill, you must visit a Trainer suitable for your Class. Training Halls are located in towns and cities throughout the world. Most trainers will charge a fee for their services and are limited in how far they can train a character in any particular skill or power.
Besides using the higher level/fewer points system to maintain balance, Dahlberg adds that it is quite possible that "nerfing," the cutting down of anything considered too powerful, may well occur once Shadowbane hits the market. Wolfpack also plans to combat cheating and hacking by running everything server-side. Dahlberg also alludes to a yet-to-be-released article on the Player Justice system.

Those wishing to read the full chat transcript can do so at Be warned: it is quite voluminous. As for progress in ShadowBane, Dahlberg, when questioned about the next closed beta, notes that it will be "soon." The official Shadowbane web site currently has the release date set at the first half of 2002. Shadowbane Online Interview
Wolfpack Studios

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