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Thursday, December 27, 2001

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Falcon 4 Utility 2.0 Released
6:00 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Fourth-party developer Centromedia has released Falcon 4 Utility version 2.0, a program that adds functionality to, and fixes bugs in, Falcon 4.0, the problematic F-16 simulator from MacSoft:

F4U is an application that is used to consolidate programs made by third parties, and a patch that correctly finishes installing all the 1.06c patch files.... F4U also adds other files to make Falcon 4.06c more stable.
Falcon 4 Utility integrates a number of end-user patches to Falcon 4, including, most notably, restoring ACMI support for version 1.06c of the game. In addition, version 2.0 includes a fix for the notorious third-day campaign bug, which causes campaigns to become corrupt after three simulated days of action.

Falcon 4.0, developed by Microprose and Hasbro and ported by Westlake Interactive, not only faithfully reproduces the avionics and systems of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, but also allows pilots to plan and execute entire campaigns on the battlefield of Korea.

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