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Thursday, December 20, 2001

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Combat Mission 2 Interview
11:22 AM | Brian Rumsey | Comment on this story

The gaming Web site HomeLan Federation & Alliance posted an interview yesterday with Steve Grammont and "Madmatt", two designers working on the upcoming Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin. Grammont is the president of, the publisher of Barbarossa to Berlin, which is being developed by Big Time Software.

The interview contains a lot of good information on development, gameplay, and so on:

HomeLAN: Was a sequel always in the works for Combat Mission or was the decision made after the first game was released?

Grammont and Madmatt: To be honest the success of Combat Mission itself pretty much took us by surprise but it was always hoped that there would be enough sales to allow us to make a sequel set in the Eastern Front. In fact, the overall vision of Combat Mission is to fully cover the European Theater in several games. Combat Mission Beyond Overlord was always planned to cover the Western Front after D-Day. The sequel would handle the Eastern Front and then we planned to have at least two more games after that. One would focus on the North African and Mediterranean Campaign and one would cover the early war (invasion of France and the lowlands, Poland etc..) Right now though, all our energies are focused toward making sure the sequel is every bit as, if not more, accurate and enjoyable as the original.

Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin, the sequel to Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, is projected for an early 2002 release, although no definite date has been given. Take a look at the interview for yourself to learn a bit more about what this game is shaping up to be like.

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