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Thursday, December 20, 2001
Game TV Talks
11:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

UGO has posted a new interview with CEO Charles Hirschhorn of G4 Media about their plans to launch a strictly gamer-oriented TV channel next spring. IMG brought you the first word of these plans a few weeks back, and this Q&A gives a some more hints of the founder's vision for the channel. Hirschhorn talks a little about his past in the television industry, defends his position of going after the young male gamer first, and even describes what G4 Media means (besides the implication they'll cover Mac gaming well):

UGO: So what's a G4 and why do you think the world is now ready for a televised 24-hour game channel?

Hirschhorn: I think the world's been ready for a Game Channel for years. I'm sorry it's taken so long for us to get it together.

As a former television producer and programming executive, I have watched the video game industry grow not just in terms of money spent, but in the quality of game play, graphics, sophistication and players. I continue to be surprised that there is so little TV programming for gamers. I think this opportunity has been defined by millions of gamers who have contributed to a lifestyle that deserves a TV network.

G4 means we are "for games." It also represents four means of distribution for games: PC, consoles, handheld, and wireless; four kinds of gamers: casual gamers, hard-core gamers, developers, and people simply curious about games; also four generations of gaming: pixel gaming, vectors gaming, wire frames, and now, polygonal graphics.

Have a read through the rest of the UGO interview for the low-down on G4 Media. Also be sure to check out their Web site, and petition your cable provider to make sure you can watch it next spring.

UGO: Charles Hirschhorn Interview
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