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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

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Apple Looks at Star Trek and Disney
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Apple recently updated its ongoing series of game-related articles with two new entries. The first, which is probably of more interest to younger gamers, focuses on several offerings by Disney Interactive. Chief among their titles are two based on the recently released film Monsters, Inc. Scream Team Training features various activities with the goal of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the "Top Scarer," and Wreck Room Arcade offers several mini-games, including Eight Ball Chaos, Bowling for Screams, and Monster Tag. Both titles are Mac OS X-compatible.

Also ready for Mac OS X is Disney's Magic Artist Deluxe, which gives kids access to plenty of drawing tools:

In Magic Artist Deluxe, you can train creatures known as Doodlebots to draw patterns—such as coins, feathers, or flowers—and other designs on your digital canvas. Or use the tile tool to design tiled patterns that you can place on your Mac’s desktop or even on a Web page. And with the glitter pen, you can make text sparkle on your display.
Other titles featured in the article include Disney Girlfriends, Disney's Phonics Quest, and Playhouse Disney’s Rolie Polie Olie: The Search for Spot.

Apple's second offering should appeal to older gamers, as it focuses on Aspyr's entry in the Star Trek gaming franchise, Star Trek: Voyager—Elite Force and its recently released Expansion Pack. Touting Elite Force as a first-person shooter that offers plenty of play, both single and multiplayer, Apple also focuses on the fact that it runs under Mac OS X:

According to Aspyr president Michael Rogers, “performance is fantastic” when you play the game in Mac OS X. “I’ve played the game with Mail open, iTunes running and other programs sleeping without a hitch,” he says. “The power of Mac OS X makes it easy to jump into a game like Elite Force and play for a while, and then jump right back to work.”
Those of us that work under OS X can certainly attest to its ability to flop back and forth between full-screen games and more mundane activities.

The rest of the article contains screenshots as well as cheat codes for gamers having difficulty clearing the game. Those looking for more information on either Voyager or Disney Interactive's bevy of offerings should check out Apple's latest articles.

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