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Wednesday, December 12, 2001

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Disappointing UT X News
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

In a status update posted yesterday to Usenet newsgroup, Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive had this disappointing report of his progress on the carbonization of Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X:

I hoped to have better news, but unfortunately there isn't much good news to report. The crash at the end of the loading process that appeared suddenly in 10.1 (but didn't happen under 10.0.4) is defying every debugging tool I throw at it. And to make things more maddening,
Harry Potter doesn't crash on load EVER under 10.1. Since now this looks like a UT (not engine) specific crash, it has had to move back into the realm of me working on UTX on my personal (non-business) time. And my free time has really disappeared lately due to some important personal (non-business) transitions.

I'm still trying to get some fix for the load bug, but if I can't fix it before the end of this weekend (the 16th) I may just release a Preview 1.1 that has only the GeForce/Radeon crash fix. It may not help anyone running 10.1, but at least its something. Maybe 10.1.2 (or whatever is next from Apple) will magically put everything back to 10.0.4's state too.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Carbonizing the Unreal engine to run natively in Mac OS X provides Westlake a foundation for future Unreal-engine projects, but for Mac gamers playing Unreal Tournament itself, it looks like booting into Mac OS 9 may be required for a while longer.

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