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Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Apple Previews Links, Discusses Strategy
9:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Newly added to the burgeoning lineup of Apple's game-related articles, Apple's preview of Links Championship Edition 2002 takes an in-depth look at this upcoming golf game. One of the first titles being released by Bold, Links aims to create as realistic a golf experience as possible for both novice and hardcore players.

Fans of golf will be happy to note that Links will offer 15 different players, including six pros such as Sergio Garcia and Arnold Palmer. The remaining nine will be fictional amateurs, though each will come with specific personality quirks that will manifest themselves through gestures or comments.

Links also features high-res graphics using OpenGL, a course designer, and realistic physics that will allow players to bounce shots off course obstacles.

Of course, if you are the type who would be willing to play golf in the middle of a snowstorm - as long as they plow the course a bit - then [Bold CEO Peter] Tamte thinks you’ll appreciate how “Links lets you get a better handle on the strategies of golf and how the real world will interact with green conditions, weather and other factors.”
Apple has also posted a survey by Chris McVeigh (the same McVeigh who designed IMG's new look, as well as the previous one) of Mac strategy games:
History is dotted with charismatic commanders who led their troops to victory time and again. These shrewd leaders excelled at battlefield strategy, outflanking their enemies with both mind and might. Nowadays, moral, social, and political factors prevent us from building an army and taking over the town next door. There are, however, more appropriate outlets for our megalomaniacal intents. Strategy games let us step into the combat boots of a military commander from the keyboards of our Macintoshes.
There are also plenty of pics accompanying the articles for those who wish to get a better look. For more information on Links or the Mac strategy genre, be sure to check out Apple's latest offerings.

Apple: Links Championship Preview
Apple: Strategy Games
Buy Links Championship Edition

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