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Monday, December 10, 2001
IMG Launches New Site Design
12:37 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

As you may have noticed, Inside Mac Games today has a brand new look. Over the past few months we've been feverishly working on the new design and today marks its launch.

We began working on the new design back in October. With a few simple suggestions in mind from the crew at IMG, our long time friend, artist Chris McVeigh of Power Pig Productions, went to work. Chris had done the last IMG redesign and it only seemed fit that he also do the new one.

The first mock-up he showed us pretty much blew us away. After a few modifications, the design was set in early November. In the meantime, IMG web guru Jason Sims was prepping the site for the new design. Over the past year or so, Jason has been working on the back-end parts of the site by creating an extensive "content system" that allows us to input articles, edit them, and release them, all without doing any HTML.

The content system not only allows us to put articles up quickly, it also makes redesigning web sites a breeze. Since we had everything databased, all we needed to do was create new templates for all the pages that appear on IMG.

In addition to a new look, the IMG site now features a new search engine that allows you to search the entire web site. (The previous search engine allowed you to search only our news.) Be sure to check it out.

While most of the site is complete, there are still a few pages that are under construction. We'll have those fixed up shortly. But the main sections, such as news, previews, reviews, and features, are all complete.

In closing, I'd like to thank everyone who has worked hard on making the new site possible. First, Chris McVeigh for his excellent vision, patience, and kick-ass design. Second, Jason Sims, who's been cranking on the new site for the last few weeks without much sleep. And finally, the rest of the IMG crew, who helped in fine-tuning the design.

So be sure to have a look around, and let us know in our forum what you think of the new design.

Inside Mac Games
IMG Site Redesign

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