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Friday, December 7, 2001
Radeon 8500 vs GeForce3 Ti
12:23 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

The Tech Report published yesterday an interesting comparison by Scott Wasson of the ATI Radeon 8500 and the Nvidia GeForce3 Ti 500:

Before ATI released the latest drivers for the Radeon 8500, this GeForce3 Ti 500-versus-Radeon 8500 comparison would have read like this:
Don't buy a Radeon 8500. Buy a GeForce3.
End of story (only with more graphs). However, ATI's latest drivers take care of a great many problems—the Quake III "optimizations," Athlon XP incompatibilities, surprisingly low performance—that the Radeon 8500 brought with it when it first arrived on retail shelves. And once you get under that crusty old ATI veneer of lousy drivers and purposely vague public statements, the Radeon 8500 looks like a darned good graphics processor.
The features and performance of any video card are of course dependent not only on the card's hardware, but also on its drivers. Since Wasson evaluates the Radeon 8500 and GeForce3 Ti using their Windows drivers, his findings can only suggest the Mac potential of these two chipsets. (ATI, for example, has a history of promising Mac driver support for features supported in the their hardware - full-screen anti-aliasing comes to mind - and not delivering.)

Nonetheless, Wasson's comparison is of interest to Mac gamers who are curious about the hardware capabilities of these two cards. (Be prepared for a long wait, however; this editor found loading each of its pages to be painfully slow.)

Although no release date has been given, ATI has announced that the Radeon 8500 will be coming to the Mac. Nvidia's GeForce3 Ti 500 is a higher-clock-rate version of the original GeForce3 (which was released for the Mac some months ago), but Nvidia has not announced plans for a Mac version of its latest card.

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