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Friday, December 7, 2001

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Duke Nukem Forever to Include Bots
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

3D Realms' George Broussard confirmed in the 3D Realms Forums yesterday that Duke Nukem Forever will feature full bot support:

The bots are in and working now. Very well in fact. This was essentially one of the last major hurdles/features in our multiplayer plans.
Duke Nukem 3D, the blockbuster from MacSoft to which Duke Nukem Forever is the long-awaited sequel, was one of the first shooters to include bot support - of a kind. Intended largely to allow map designers to perform a rudimentary test of a map's multiplayer support, it made no attempt to simulate human behavior in the bot AI, nor even to achieve a balance of skill: to a human player, Duke 3D's bots were invincible. Nevertheless, the bots in Duke 3D provided hours of amusement to many a player.

As first-person shooters evolved, bot support became increasingly important. Neither Quake nor Quake II included bots out of the box, but their modifiability allowed third parties to correct that defect, and a host of bot add-ons were released by independent programmers, allowing players to simulate deathmatch and team games with human opponents.

Unreal's developers, Epic Games, were among the first to ship a game with full bot support, and in Unreal Tournament and id Software's Quake III: Arena, bot play became the primary feature even of the "single-player" experience.

Lately, however, a reaction seems to have set in among game developers to this neglect of the single-player story line in the last generation of FPS giants, and Broussard comments on this trend:

Bots were also a major concern of ours because a lot of fps games have been shipping without them (even Unreal engine based games), and we see bots as significant for the future of multiplayer gaming. We are firmly committed to delivering both a strong multi player experience, as well as single player. Full bot support is a step in that direction.
Duke Nukem Forever has been in development at 3D Realms since early 1998 and will be published for the Mac by MacSoft "when it's done."

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