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Wednesday, December 5, 2001
Virtual PC 5 Released
10:25 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

Connectix has announced the release of Virtual PC 5, the latest version of its PC emulation software. The new version supports Mac OS X and the newest OS from Microsoft, Windows XP. As with the previous version of Virtual PC, Mac OS 9 and every version of Windows since Windows 98 is supported, as is PC-DOS.

New features in Virtual PC 5 also include:

Multiprocessor support in Mac OS X

Virtual switch in Mac OS X - to network between Virtual PCs running on the same Mac

Undoable drive images - allow you to back out of any Windows session

Ability to share removable media storage devices

DVD-ROM data support for the guest OS

Key mapping between Macintosh keyboard and standard PC keyboard

Snappier user experience - faster menus & faster text scrolling

Although Windows XP is supported now, at this time only Windows 98 and DOS are shipping preinstalled with Virtual PC 5. Windows 2000 and XP bundles are expected later this month and in January, respectively. Add-on packs for all Microsoft OSes are expected later this month.

Virtual PC is $199 with Windows 98 preinstalled and $99 with DOS preinstalled. Upgrades can be purchased for only $79, and there are special programs for those who purchased Virtual PC 4 since November 1, 2001.

Although Virtual PC 5 does not support 3D hardware acceleration, many less-demanding PC games that do not require such acceleration may run well.

Connectix: Virtual PC 5

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Archives  News  Virtual PC 5 Released