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Monday, December 3, 2001
Deimos Rising Carbonized
9:56 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software recently posted a screen shot of their upcoming title, Deimos Rising, playing in windowed mode under Mac OS X complete with iTunes, Adium, and other programs running simultaneously. For those unfamiliar with the name, Deimos Rising, the sequel to Mars Rising, is a vertically-scrolling arcade shooter that can support two players simultaneously.

Andrew Welch, President of Ambrosia as well as a programmer, notes that the OS X version is "a tiny bit slower" than the OS 9 version, and adds that anything over a 350 MHz G3 will run Deimos just as fast on OS X. In a further illustration, he responds to a forum goer's inquiry on running Deimos under a dual 800 MHz G3:

On a Dual 800, you'll be able to render scenes in Lightwave, download a few dozen files, listen to iTunes with full-size visuals on, and play Deimos Rising all at the same time under Mac OS X, without skipping a beat.
Interested readers can find more information on Deimos Rising and the screen shot showing it running under OS X at Ambrosia's web site. Deimos is currently at the Final Candidate stage, and will be released as soon as it passes a final round of testing.

Ambrosia Software: Deimos Rising bliss
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