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Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Age of Empires II, Rogue Spear Updated
9:13 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

A couple of notable updates were released late yesterday. On the strategy front, Bold released a patch to update Age of Empires II to version 1.0.1. The update fixes some of the bugs users have been experiencing, including the disappearing in-game cursor problem as well as several bugs in the pathfinding logic. Here's a list of bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with the unit text in the scenario editor being white on a white background.
  • Fixed the colored fog effects, e.g. red flashing buildings.
  • Fixed several bugs in the pathfinding logic. Units should now move in a more expected direction.
  • Fixed a crash when loading saved games that contained a wonder.
  • Increased width of instruction panel text and reduced the font size to accommodate German.
  • Fixed a bug for users with a disk named Data. It conflicted with the game's Data folder.
  • Added a check for CarbonLib 1.4. If the CarbonLib installer is present on your CD, it will be installed. Otherwise, you will be required to acquire and install CarbonLib from Apple.
  • Multiplayer and Out of Sync save file names were too long for the Mac file system.
  • Fixed problem where you could enter save file names longer than acceptable on the Mac.
  • Increased preferred memory partition size to 120MB.
  • The in-game cursor was disappearing after certain dialogs were displayed (the hot keys dialog, for example).

MacSoft have also been busy, updating Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear to version 1.0.2. This new update fixes a few map problems and adds a "Use Packed Pixels" option to RS Utility.

To download either update, head over to our sister site,

MacSoft: Rogue Spear
IMG Preview: Age of Empires II
IMG Review: Rogue Spear
Bold: Age of Empires II
MGF: Download Age of Empires II 1.0.1 Update (1.7 MB)
MGF: Download Rogue Spear 1.0.2 Update (618 KB)
Ensemble Studios
Age of Empires II

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